Saturday, June 26, 2010

lovely lights.

here are some photos captured on the old iphone over the past few months. my computer is unfortunately running out of space but fortunately the internet isn't. thank you blogger! x

p.s sorry about the image size, i'm still working on my blogger skills. slowly getting there..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

light is calling.

hours passed as my brother and i marvelled at these incredible experimentalist films.

maya deren and bill morrison amongst others.

their hypnotic works accompanied by the dissonant, eclectic sounds of lou reed and his band.

first etsy item from the lonely tea party collective!

just a little excited! here, have a look! x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the new naturalism.

this cut out of john young's painting the new naturalism, has been on my wall for months now. I love his use of colour and balance of images. I would love to paint a large canvas filled with clouds using a similar colour palette.

I like to think I can hear the breeze moving through the reeds in the bottom right, a sound which resonates with the woman, calmly rocking her into a tranquil dream state, high into the voluminous clouds of the top right. below are some more of his works:

figure study with bird

dervish painting


Monday, June 21, 2010

black as midnight on a moonless night.

may i just say, david lynch is a genius. the title of this post is a quote from his incredible series twin peaks which you must watch if you haven't yet. my housemate and i got out the first season a couple of weeks ago and watched the whole season in three nights. it was amazing. not only did it further inspire my love for lynch and his surreal style of filmmaking, but it also introduced me to the mysterious audrey horne (sherilyn fenn) who may just be my next style icon. just look at those impeccable oxfords!

Fuck Yeah ∆Twin Peaks∆


yet another inspires.

blogging so much today, only really led to new discoveries and thus more distractions. you know that feeling when you're so excited for something but all you can do is procrastinate so the excitement lasts longer? maybe not, but this is a common occurrence for me. well anyway, the excitement of setting up my own blog has definitely lasted a long time for me today as I stumbled across this amazing blog with all of these incredible film stills of anna karina. * love love love! * check them out!

all found via young--mind.

oh godard, what would my life be like without you?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

oh and the store!

along with blogging, something else i've wanted to do for quite a while now is have my own etsy store. to start, it will stock handmade cards i have been selling to a beautiful florist as well as other clients. so look out. it should be up shortly so everyone can enjoy!


i live to dream.

i say, here we have a collective of all things charming and beautiful.. a lonely tea party collective accompanied by one's dreams and inspirations - of flying kites and jumping rope, writing and reading, sewing and baking, art and love and all other things charming and beautiful. welcome to my blog!

for this first post i've decided to provide links to a couple of my very favourite blogs that have inspired me to create my own. thank you lovelies!

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